Cheers to 30 Years, Sammy!

Thirty years ago, Sammy Citrano bought George’s from George Betros.  With the help of his wife, Delonda, and the cash out of the jukebox, Sammy started a journey that turned George’s into the Waco staple that it is today. 


Sammy had no idea what the future of George’s held and never anticipated the 60-seat bar to turn into a 400-seat restaurant. With over 150 team members, a long-term management team, and even a second location, it’s no doubt that George’s is now a local favorite.


Alongside the incredible success that George’s has had in becoming a full-service restaurant, bar, and catering hotspot, G2, in Hewitt, is celebrating its 12th year in business and has an additional 125 team members.


For people traveling through Waco, Baylor alums, and Waco locals, Sammy says he feels blessed by the George’s family and the community that surrounds and supports the restaurant. 


As he celebrates 30 years since the day he bought the restaurant in cash, Sammy shares that he’s proud to have quadrupled the size of the business, and there is a new concept on the drawing board in the works to be led by the Citrano group. 


With a dream and jukebox money, Sammy never imagined that George’s would turn into what it has become, famous for their Big O’s, tv walls, and classic Texan homestyle cooking, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Check out some customers’ favorite memories over the last 30 years!

June 17, 1994 – my girlfriend (now wife) and I watched the OJ Simpson chase while drinking Big O’s at George’s.

50 cents for Big O’s, being delivered by the famous Carol the waitress in the late 70’s, and playing pac man and the bowling machine!

Memories of the $1.50 Big O’s back in ‘88-‘92, and using hand signals from across the room to order your Big O varietal from Rhonda (I believe?). The best memories.

It’s where I first met my (now) wife, Oct. 2008!

There may have been a night where some fellows and I got very sternly warned by a lovely waitress that dancing on the chairs/tables was frowned upon.

When Paula Owen told me if I played “North To Alaska” one more time she was going to throw me out.

Discovering the most delicious drink in the world, the Chucklinni (bring it back)! Lots of family gatherings during my college years.

The bowling 🎳 game in the 90’s!!!
Later in life many weekends spent with friends!
Cheers to 30 years!

Played softball for George’s # 1 in the early eighties. We all stood in line for big Os and food. Great memories, thanks Sammy!